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Passenger ekranoplan "AQUAGLIDE-30"

Aquaglide M-30 Aquaglide M-30
Passenger ekranoplan «Aquaglide-30» is the ekranoplan of Type "A" according the IMO classification, designed for transportation 28 passengers at the distance 700km [378nm] at the speed of 200-220km/h [110 kts].
Type "A" ekranoplans are operating at the ground-effect altitude only. Seaworthiness parameter defines max wave height to flight in cruse mode.
Key characteristics
Dimensions, L x W x H 22.5m x 11.3m x 6.5m
Displacement 15 t
Optimal cruise speed 200 km/h
Crew 3 pers.
Cabin capacity 28 pax
Distance / range 700 km
Seaworthiness (wave height) 1.5 m

Aquaglide 30
Basic layout and overall dimensions of "Aquaglide-30" passenger cabin.
“Aquaglide-30” is designated for carriage of passengers on sea routes and ferries. Tourist, economy, business, VIP classes of passenger cabin and their combinations are available for operators.
“Aquaglide-30” possesses amphibian qualities (as option), and it makes possible to exit the water and to move and make maneuvers on the land, as well as to begin moving both on the land and on water. No sea terminal reconstruction and special berths building are requried for ekranoplan operation.
Shallows, shoals and ice-covered waters are not obstacles for ekranoplan movement.
“Aquaglide-30” in special configuration can be used for search and rescue operations, for environment monitoring, border protection etc.

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Cargo platform "ART-20"
ART-20 is the cargo platform that uses dynamic air-cushion while moving. ART-20 designated for transportation up to 10 tons of cargo at the distance 120 km at the speed 100 km/h. For example ART-20 can be used for shipping oil from the tanker to the shore unequipped the berth.
Key characteristics
Displacement 23 t
Cruising speed 110 km/h
Crew 3 pers.
Payload 10 t
Distance / range 120 km

AQUAGLIDE-60/60F platform

Aquaglide-60 Aquaglide-60F

«Aquaglide-60» and «Aquaglide-60F» are the passenger, cargo and mixed cargo-passenger high-speed platform designated for carrying 60 passengers or cargo 10 tons at the speed 120 km/h at the distance 500 km.
Key characteristics
Dimensions, L x W x H 23.0m x 9.5m x 6.0m
Displacement 24t
Cruising speed 120 km/h
Crew 4 pers.
Cabin capacity (in passenger modification) 60 pax
Payload 10 t
Distance / range 500 km
Seaworthiness 1.25 m
Marine passenger high-speed ship "AQUAGLIDE-200"

Passenger high-speed ship «Aquaglide-200» is designated for carrying 200 passengers at the speed 150 km/h at the distance 600 km.
Key characteristics:
Dimensions, L x W x H 43.0m x 16.0m x 9.5m
Displacement 100 t
Cruising speed 150 km/h
Crew 7 pers.
Cabin capacity 200 pax
Payload 35 t
Distance / range 600 km
Seaworthiness 2.0 m
Type "B" passenger marine ekranoplans of MPE series
Type B ekranoplans are able to flight at altitude above the “ground effect” zone for a limited time. Maximum altitude of such “fly over” should not exceed 150 m over sea level.
Key characteristics
 Parameter MPE-2 MPE-3 MPE-10 MPE-25 MPE-55 MPE-200 MPE-400
 Dimensions L x W x H [m] 11.5õ9.5õ3.6 13.8õ11.5õ4.2 21.0x15.0x7.0 31.0x20.0x8.0 40.0x28.0x10.0 57.4x42.3x17.2 73.0x53.0x21.0
 Displacement [t] 1.8 3.3 10.0 25.0 55.0 200.0 450.0
 Cruising speed  [km/h] 180 220 250 300 300 400 475
 Crew 2 1 3 3 3 4 8
 Cabin capacity [pax] - 8-10 18 48 70 250 460
 Range [km] 500 800 800 1000 1500 3000 5000
 Seaworthiness [m] 0.6 1.0 1.25 1.25 2.0 3.5 6.0





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